What you need to know about the Saatva Mattress



In the Market for a new Mattress?

So I recently purchased the Saatva Mattress and have really enjoyed the experience. I had used memory foam mattress for years and had gotten a lot of use out of it. However over time I came to realize that my memory foam mattress was beginning to lose its memory. Also, I noticed that it tended to get really hot sleeping on that mattress. That really didn’t work well for me because I live in a southern state. With humidity that can run as high as 90% at times, I need something that is going to work to keep me cool. I was tired of waking up sweating during the night.

So I began to do some research and see what other types of mattresses I might be able to find. I found the usual brands and attached to them were their usual prices. I did not have that much to spend on a mattress so I started looking to see what other options there were. That’s when I ran across the Saatva Mattress. They are a direct manufacturer and claim to put out mattresses that are just as good as the brand names. Actually, they bill themselves as a luxury mattress manufacturer. After looking online and checking some reviews, I decided to buy the Saatva Mattress and waited for it to arrive. Since I have received it I could not be more happy! Now buying a mattress over the internet is not easy to do. It’s a risk, no doubt about it. Let me convince you that you have nothing to worry about.


Three Different Comfort Levels

I wake up each morning well rested and I am not sweating. I would recommend the Saatva Mattress to any of my friends or family. However, before you make a decision there are a few things you need to know to help you make the most informed choice.

For starters, they offer three different luxury levels for their mattresses.

Plush soft – You should choose the plush soft mattress if you like to feel as if you are being engulfed by your bed and kind of folded up into your bed sheets. If you have trouble with your extremities going on then this soft mattress will do you well. It is most preferred for side sleeping and you may also use it if you sleep on your back.

Luxury firm – Luxury firm mattresses are perfect for couples who sleep differently. If you often move around while you sleep at night this mattress would be perfect for you. Also, if you are looking for that hotel type mattress experience in the comfort of your own home, choose this option. Luxury firm is designed for people who sleep in all three positions, on their side, on their stomach, or on their back.

Firm – This about says it all. If you want a mattress that you sit on top of instead of dive into then firm is definitely your choice. If your doctor or other sort of health provider recommends a more firm sleeping experienced then you should choose this option. Firm mattresses are designed for people who sleep on their back or stomach. If you’re a side sleeper then this is not the best option for you.




Other Quality Features of the Saatva Mattress

Other features that might interest you are the small insert of memory foam in the mattress. This ensures that you don’t get that heating up feeling I mentioned earlier. Also, each of the coils are individually wrapped. This means that your mattress moves when you move not when your partner moves.

Furthermore, the Saatva Mattress also has an organic option for people who prefer naturally made products. They use 100% cotton and other organic materials to fabricate these mattresses. Those mattresses obviously cost a little more, since they are not synthetic blends, but if you are one of those type of people who prefer an organic product then these mattresses will definitely suit your needs.

Also worthy of mention, is the fact that the Saatva Mattresses have received the chiropractic seal of approval. Many of the problems we experience with our body are a result of poor sleep. Chiropractics focus on aligning the body properly to prevent joint pain, muscle pain or other types of injury. The Saatva mattress targets the spinal zone with its pocket coils to help lend support to your back while you sleep. This prevents you from slipping any disks or stretching any muscles by relieving the stress on your pressure points.

One more thing I might add. Over time, most mattresses will start to get this indention. If you have a cheap mattress, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone sleeps in the middle of the hollow no matter where they really want to sleep. However, Saatva maintains that their mattresses will never incur more than a 1.5 inch indention throughout the life of the mattress. That is pretty remarkable stuff right there. Your mattress will essentially support your body for as long as you need it to. In other words,the Saatva Mattresses are very hard to wear out.

Order a Saatva Mattress Right Here

If you are ready to change your sleeping experience permanently, then you need a Saatva mattress. I have been very please with mine and I’m sure you will receive the same results. You can order yours from this page right here direct from Saatva themselves. Check out is easy and convenient and your mattress will be at your door within a few short weeks.

An informed consumer is always a dangerous consumer. So in this regard, I hope you take the information above and use it to your advantage. There’s absolutely no need to pay thousands of dollars for a mattress when you can get a luxurious Saatva mattress that will provide the same sleep experience at a much lower cost. I made the switch and I’m glad I did. Join me and get better sleep today!


Still not convinced that the Saatva Mattress is for you, then click here for more information.