Should you Buy the Saatva Mattress?



Is Saatva Unique?

Many luxury mattresses companies make the claim that they can help you with improved sleep and provide better support. However, none of those companies can do all of that and match the price that you would get from a Saatva mattress. You may have never heard of Saatva before. They don’t spend thousands of dollars advertising. They are a direct to market manufacturer and rely on good customers and a lot of word-of-mouth to get the job done. However, once you experience sleep on one of their products you will certainly understand why there is no need to pay the hefty price tag associated with other brands.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Saatva mattress so unique.





The Saatva mattress actually breaths. This means if you sweat at night it is not get soaked up into your mattress. It breaths because there are spaces between the coils to allow for cool airflow. Furthermore, because of cool airflow your mattress will never get hot. This is what you want for a good night sleep. A nice relaxing cool evening.


Densified Foam Layering

In addition, Saatva mattresses layer their foam to make it dense in the lumbar region. This provides you the most support and the greatest amount of comfort where you need it most. No one likes to wake up feeling sore, like they have pulled a muscle or have their back out of whack. The densified foam in the layering system of the Saatva mattress prevents this from happening.


Luxury Pillowtop

The luxury pillow top ensures a nice contour to your body. Nobody wants to sleep on a tabletop or else we would not need our mattresses. We would just use our kitchen table. Yet for those that like a firm sleeping experience but still require support, the premium pillow top provides this. It makes sure that all of the pressure points are distributed evenly and gives great support to your spine while you sleep. Also, Saatva slides their pillow top underneath the mattress instead of mounting it on top.

This make sure that the type of mattress you purchase is indeed the mattress you will receive. You probably understand what I’m talking about. I have purchased a firm pillow top mattress before and could not even feel the firmness of the bed because the pillow top was so thick. Saatva does not recommend using any other sort of mattress cover or pillow top cover on their mattresses for this reason. You don’t want to cover the quality of the mattress by adding too much softness to it. They believe this so much that they slide the pillow top underneath the mattress during construction so you get the feel the support you need without compromising the quality of the firmness level you have selected.


Pocket Coiling System

In addition to the densified foam and the pillow top features, every Saatva mattress features individual wrapped pocket coils. This make sure that you get an even consistent stable support system that contours as you move across the bed. No more cave-ins where everyone sleeps in the middle. Your partner will have the support that he or she needs and you will have the support that you need as well.




Green Initiative

Saatva also has what they call a green initiative. This product is for people who want a mattress that is organic. All of the materials used to produce the mattress are organic in nature and do not harm the environment. In other words, they are environmentally friendly.

Even the foam that they use in the memory foam is bio-based. Saatva has gone to great links to make sure that the entire product is organic and environmentally friendly should you choose to go with their green initiatives.

Because of this there will be no off putting smell when you unwrap your mattress. You know that horrible smell that you often times get when a new mattresses or new carpet is installed. This is because of all the toxic chemicals that go into making the product. They are stored in the fibers and are release from time to time once they are able to breath.


Different Comfort Levels

Furthermore, Saatva has three different comfort levels of mattresses to suit your needs. There is there plush soft version, their luxury firm option (which is there medium firmness level), and their firm option. They have a comfort level to match any sleepers needs.


Where Can I Get Mine?

Yet, one of the best things about the mattresses is the price. You can typically find the mattress that suits your needs for under $1000. You would pay $2000 to $3000 for the same type of mattress if you bought it from one of the national brands. There’s no need to do that. The entire goal is to get good sleep, not drain your wallet. Therefore, if you are looking for a good quality sleeping experience then the luxurious Saatva mattress line should be your choice. They have many premium designs and comfort levels to suit your needs. Ordering is fast and simple. Simply buy it directly from them and you’ll be well on your way to a good night sleep. Buying the Saatva mattress straight from the supplier themselves ensures you the cheapest price and no middle man price mark up.


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