My Saatva Mattress Review



Time for Something New?

Nothing beats a good night sleep. However, in order to have a good night sleep a great mattress is usually required. I have tried out so many different types of mattresses in the past that at times I wondered if I would ever find one that would be a good match for me. I’ve been through so many sleep numbers and memory foam type deals that I am sick of them. I just want a good quality mattress.

Yet, I don’t want to pay astronomical prices for them either. You know what I’m talking about. It seems like you go in to a mattress store, and all of a sudden they must have the mattresses lined with gold, because they want $2000 – $3000 for a regular queen size pillow top mattress! I thought that the prices were always too high and wondered if there were other options. So I decided to hop online and see what I could find.


Saatva Mattress Review – The Saatva Difference

That’s when I came across a company called Saatva. They are a direct to market manufacturer. They produce high quality mattresses that are just as good, if not better, than any of the other top name brands on the market. I can say this confidently because I purchased one and have tried it out now for two years. I thought it was about time for me to go online and give my own Saatva Mattress Review of the product.

For starters, my Saatva mattress is what’s known as a medium. Saatva produces several different types of mattresses according to your sleeping preferences. They have a soft option, a medium option, and a firm option. I chose the medium option because I like to sleep on my side and my back. I need some sort of lower lumbar support so I don’t wake up sore. In the past my mattress seemed to choose which nights it wanted to give me good sleep and which nights it wanted me to wake up sore.

Within a couple weeks of placing my order my mattress arrived and I exchanged it for my old one. That night I went to bed, and the next morning when I woke up, I felt completely different. I was not sore and I felt like I was well rested. I could not believe how different I felt after just one night. I had been missing out on good sleep for too many years and the culprit was my mattress!




Saatva Mattress Review – Quality Construction

After that experience, I did some research to see how sleeping on a mattress for one night could make such a drastic difference. What I discovered was this, overtime your mattress creates an indentation of your body. You really can’t prevent this; the only thing you can do is decrease the amount of the indentation. This responsibility lies squarely on the manufacturer and is determined by the types of products they choose to use when fabricating the mattress. Saatva uses a wrapped coil technology and ensures that as a result of their fabricating process your mattress will never suffer more than a 1.5 inch indention over its lifetime.

This is pretty amazing considering how much abuse your bed takes over the years. Think about it. You sleep on it every night, if you have kids they jump on it from time to time, if you have pets they climb up and climb off, and if you have people over they may occasionally sit on the bed to chat. Your mattress takes a lot of abuse.

So when Saatva says they guarantee no more than 1.5 inch indention over the life of the mattress, that is pretty remarkable. To date I have not noticed any sort of invention with my mattress. Like I said before, I have owned it for two years.

The other unique thing about Saatva mattresses are that all of their coils are independently wrapped. What this means is your mattress has a much more even flow to it. When your partner gets into bed the whole mattress will not cave in. Each spring is separate from every other spring in the design. This also creates a much more stable support than you would get with a typical mattress.

The other thing I really enjoyed about the mattress was the small memory foam feature. Most memory foam mattresses by the very nature get extremely hot at night. Most nights I don’t want a night of passion from my mattress, I just want good sleep. Saatva understands this so they have designed a very small patch in the center that is made from memory foam. This gives me the type of lumbar support I need without making my entire body sweat from overusing memory foam.




Where You Can Buy Your Saatva Mattress

Beyond that, all I can tell you is I have certainly been impressed by my mattress. Oh, I almost forgot, the price was pretty sweet as well. Like I said most of those other mattress companies want between $2,000 and $3000 for the same type of mattress that I got for under $1000. That’s right I got mine for less than half the price you would find a similar bed in a store. This is because Saatva is a direct manufacturer. They cut out the middleman. There are no charges to have someone sell the mattress to you. You purchase your mattress online and they ship it to your door. The shipping costs are not outrageous either, so it is not as if they sell you a cheaper mattress and make up the money by shipping it to you. Saatva is a fair company that produces a quality product!

In fact, you can purchase your mattress right now. Simply click here and you can get direct supply from Saatva themselves. Once your mattress arrives just follow the instructions concerning how to install it properly. Then get ready to enjoy one of the best nights of sleep you have had in a long long time.


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